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Overton MH are looking for 2 or 3 new players to join them
on a Tuesday evening, in Division Two, in this league.
If your able to play for them, please contact
Harry Craig 735 978.

AGM on Tuesday 3rd January 2017

at Halton Royal British Legion starting at 7-00pm.


1) Chairman's Report

2) President's Report

3) Minutes of the 2015 season AGM ( matters arising if any )

4) Chairman's Report

5) Secretary's Report

6) Treasurer's Report

7) Auditor's Report

8) Election of Officers ( no nominations )

Standing Officers at present President Alan Richards ( standing down )

Chairman Bob Watson, Vice Chairman Jimmy Peers

Secretary Pat Crowe, Treasurer Pat Crowe.

9) Correspondence ( see below )

10) League formation

11) Honorariums

12) Close.

Below is a list of proposals for season 2017 

1/ Competition Rule Murphy Cup/ P & A Morgan

    Cup Rule 5.  Delete three and add five.

    Proposed by Grapes BC.

2/ League prize money to be spread over the top six teams instead of four

    Proposed by Grapes BC.

3/ All cup tie draws and venues should be done by Executive Committee meetings, 

and teams that are still in the competition should attend.

    Proposed by Grapes BC.

4/  All teams MUST enter a minimum of one player into eligible individual cup competitions.

    Proposed by League Management 

5/ Application from Manley to enter a new team for season 2017.

5/ Application from Crowton to enter a new team for season 2017. ( late entry )

Hon. Secretary Pat Crowe.

Minutes of the Runcorn & District Bowling Association Annual General Meeting

held on Tuesday 5th January 2016 @ Halton RBL

1/ Chairman opened the meeting at 7-00 and asked the meeting to be upstanding

for a moments silence for friends that are no longer with us.

2/ Presidents report: Alan thanked the meeting for attending and for all the work you do for your Clubs which unfortunately

is taken for granted. On a similar theme I would like to thank on behalf of the League Pat Crowe who very rarely receives

plaudits but plenty of complaints, Bob Watson who does a sound job as chairman, Peter Snelson who does a remarkable job

updating the league info on Allbut across. I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating all the league and cup winners.

In recent years we have had some long debates on handicapping, but this year someone got it right because

Norton Arms A won the murphy Cup in a super final which was as close as you would wish to see.

Colin Jackson won the Abel Cup I will say no more but well bowled.

On one special note I was privileged to watch the final of the section 3 Merit final at Pavilions BC

which for me was the highlight of the season, all 4 finalists bowled extremely well but special mention

needs to be given to Joe Scott and Lynn McDonald who gave us a tremendous final which only highlights

how good the bowling is in the lower sections. As I said on the night it was a great pity more players

don’t enter the individual competitions. 

One last point it was great to see the Ray Worthington mixed pairs played this season.

Finally and this is a surprise for Pat I am standing down as President at the end of this year,

I believe this is a position of honour which we should all have the opportunity of sharing.

We all have ideas how the league should or can be run this is an opportunity to involve yourself a little bit more,

as I look around the room there are many candidates who would do a fine job.

I would suggest that the roll is for a term of three years in the future.

I wish you all a great new year and enjoy your bowling in 2016.

3/ Minutes of the 2015 Annual general Meeting: The minutes were accepted as a true record.

Proposed P Holden seconded P Symonds.

4/ Chairman’s report: Bob thanked the meeting for their attendance and thanked Pat for all his hard work,

Lynn and Pete for their help with the website. Pat asked me to keep it short this time so just a couple more thanks,

Halton RBL for allowing us the use of their facilities for the Presentation evening and for our meetings

and you Secretaries for helping in the running of the League, also a big thank you

to Jimmy Peers for his ticket sales and help at cup competitions.

5/ Secretary’s report: Pat thanked Halton RBL for the use of the facilities,

he also thanked Bob Watson and Alan Richards for their help throughout the season and all the secretaries

for their help during the past season and also to our sponsors Carlsberg UK, P & A Morgan, Ray Worthington

and for the two donations we receive. I would like to thank all the teams and individuals that took part in our competitions.

The Presentation Evening was once again a great success this despite being a few down on last year.

There are a few people I would like to thank for their help Jimmy Peers outstanding support in ticket sales

Bob Watson for the raffle prizes and Len Fagen for his help on the door and raffle ticket sales.

Finally a big thank you too Pete Snelson and Lynn McDonald, for their superb work throughout the season

on the web site and for their help when my PC was down.

6/ Treasurer’s report: Pat informed the meeting that the finances were in good shape

this despite being around £400-00 down on last season., the loss due to less teams

in the league £115, £150-00 extra on presentation night, £130-00 increase on honorariums split between Sec/Tres

Website and Auditors. Pat put the accounts to the meeting and these were accepted as a true record,

proposed N Smith and seconded Y Ball.

7/ Auditors report: Pat informed the meeting that the auditors were not present

and that Terry Clare had asked to inform the meeting that the accounts were carried out and found to be correct.

8/ Election of Officers: There were no nominations and all the Officers were voted in enbloc.

President A Richards, Chairman B Watson, Secretary P Crowe, Treasurer P Crowe, Vice Chairman J Peers.

9/ Correspondence:

1/ Applications from Grapes and Goshawk too enter second teams into the League, accepted.

2/ Resignation received from United Services Club.

3/ New rule submitted by league secretary:

 All teams must enter a minimum of one person into individual competitions.

 During a heated discussion T Holt left the meeting and the proposal was defeated.

10/ League formation: Eleven section one, eleven section two and twelve in section three

11/ Honorarium: None

12/ Close: Meeting closed at 8-04. 

Before the meeting dispersed the Secretary informed the meeting that his printer had packed in.

The Chairman asked the meeting that the league replace the printer and asked for a show of hands this was accepted.


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